We are now exploring more of the Philippines 7107 islands, which takes us to MALAPASCUA north of Cebu. Take a scenic 4 hour drive and a 30 minute banca (outrigger) ride and you’ll feel like you’ve landed in paradise! Now the beautiful island is becoming known as a diver’s haven and they come from Worldwide to swim with the friendly Thresher Sharks. Nearby is Gato island and there you may see manta rays and sea snakes….
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Here we have a tour of Cebu and some of the major atractions of Cebu City, Philippines, created by Jim Sibbick. For the original high quality version and more than 100 Philippines videos, go to

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  1. Ive been to malapascua and 7rs later… I still dream about that place. Truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in the planet.

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  3. lets forget the Mexico theory of colonization, MEXICO WASN’T EVEN AN ESTABLISHED COUNTRY YET WHEN MAGELLAN colonized the Phil., they were indian tribes called AZTECS & INCAS that migrated throughout what we now call Latin America, only Spanish speaking people influenced the language & culture from that time until they were defeated by the British, then given back to the Spanish, then Americans, Japanese, then back to the Americans who granted them independence in 1946.. sorry no Mexico influence

  4. @parawhorecr

    Just read my response to “cisneros”. There is no historical and geographical proof to substantiate those opinions. Especially from not Filipino individuals, just because our dialects and some signage’s bears resemblance to Spanish then we are influence with Mexico? When I count money here by “Uno, Dos, Tres, Kuwatro, Singko, Sais” Hispanics told me that I speak Spanish. When I write and showed them these words they realized it is not. It’s sound Spanish syempre!

  5. @cisnero

    Part II

    It is the Spanish ruler King Philip II who gives him his fleet or flotilla. So, the claim about Mexicans is too far fetched. Of course, if it is an American who took this video it is understandable. Since here in U.S. all Hispanics are branded as “Mexicans” as a general term. There are Central Americans and South Americans or Hispanics out here. But it is common for the Northern Americans to call them Mexicans. It is not a big deal out here.

  6. @cisnerjo

    Part I

    Correction! Philippines are under the colony by Spaniards for 300 years. Mexicans are never heard until the present times. Portuguese yes, since the leader of the colonizer is one that was killed by King Lapu-lapu in Mactan, Island. His crewmembers are mostly Spaniards. Some are mixed with other European nationals. Ferdinand Magellan does not have the luxury to recruit Mexicans who are in the other part of the world.

  7. Cebu I love it. Daughter-in-law is from there. Been many times & would happily live there. Philippines and its people are sooooooo friendly. Going agin next year. xx


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