Cebu Pacific Christmas Safety Demo Dance! – Cebu Video

We’re back at it in time for Christmas! Cebu Pacific’s flight crew take to the skies once again with dance moves strumming along to Christmas carols! Watch out for our Safety Demo dance on selected Domestic and International Flights from December 16 to 31, 2011. Snap a photo or take your…
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  1. the song has vocals.. and that is distracting enough.. tak rasa ada sesiapa yg beri perhatian kpd mesej keselamatan tu.. azab pinoy2 nie

  2. @gfred31 This is being done INFLIGHT. Just for entertainment. They were still doing the normal safety demonstration ON GROUND. In addition, all aircarfts of Cebu Pacific are brand new and 3.5 years na ang pinakamatagal. So bago ka magsalita ng kung ano ano jan, alamin mo muna. =))

  3. I bet if something tragic happens every1 will change their mind n blame it on d dancing n music n 2each other! D mom was looking at d handsome steward n d husband is focus on d pretty stewardess n d child is sing n humming away! Let’s sing n dance! Until we crash! It’s more fun in the Philippines!


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