Official Life Dance Cebu 2012 Highlights – Cebu Video

Official Life Dance Cebu 2012 Highlights

Life Dance would like to thank everyone who came out to be a part of this historic event. Cebu is ready! The Philippines is ready! The evolution has begun with The Philippines’ BIGGEST outdoor dance party. As you’ve witnessed the evolution begin, brace yourself as the evolution continues… One music. One love. One life. One dance. Life Dance!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “Official Life Dance Cebu 2012 Highlights – Cebu Video”

  1. ralph3489 says:

    million voices

  2. Paolobustostrummingguitar snap says:

    What is the name of that song. Eh eh eh ah ah ah na na na.

  3. TheCameltotem says:

    Ty bro

  4. jtaborada123 says:


  5. ch1n6k0y says:

    Eh eh eh eh ah ah ah ah na na na.. :D/

  6. PhenomenalAbby says:


  7. louieis1337 says:

    thats our beach ball motherfkers

  8. trinicxxx says:

    Akuang ka jump DJ sa Club Juliana idle…

  9. Didgidoo says:

    Ty mate :)

  10. Swedox65 says:

    Song name: Otto Knows – Million Voices

  11. KontrolHouse says:

    Bjornberg!! Vi är sjukt stolta!

  12. Didgidoo says:

    Awesome! Song name?

  13. MrBaDz1000 says:

    i LOve LiFeDanCe m/ (miLLiOn vOicEs)


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