Rapid Eye Movement – David Cook in Cebu – Cebu Video

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, Cebu City, Philippines. July 15, 2012.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

15 Responses to “Rapid Eye Movement – David Cook in Cebu – Cebu Video”

  1. gwen lachica says:

    That v-neck shirt rocks! I lost my voice at the end of the night lol – awesome performance, DC!

  2. darthriell says:

    that’s no cute of him sneaking himself @0:45-0:47 for a picture with a fan!

  3. cookphilippines says:

    love the hair style,

  4. cookphilippines says:

    great concert Mr.cook.

  5. TheEarlybirdSF says:

    Happyredpanda, great, great video of REM, one of my absolute favorite songs! Love the creative ending with those gorgeous lights! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. KatrinaMP978 says:

    This song…perfect ending to a perfect concert. I wasn’t actually in this Cebu show, but I was at Araneta the night before. So happy that David and his band came back to the Philippines.

  7. cougar40n says:

    so great – thanks!

  8. debonie baguio says:

    We’re so glad that you came here in the Philippines David Cook <3 ..your my #1 idol!! and im so proud of you! your the best idol.. :)

  9. Henny1888 says:

    Creative ending…..so well done…perfect for the music…and the meaning…Thanks for being YOU!

  10. TheOpabinia says:

    Can’t thank you enough hrp for all you have shared with David Cook fans over the years. A lovely video.

  11. Bugsytoo says:

    Happyredpanda, thank you SO MUCH for all you do all the time to bring us vids, tidbits, etc., of anything DC related. It’s so awesome that you got to be there in person and wonderful of you to film it for us! Hugs from Texas

  12. dern5970 says:

    really nice video I like one, the end with only the lights and the music, it feels like waking up from a dream. Which the song is all about :) Hugs from Montreal, Canada

  13. NyCArole426 says:

    @happyredpanda Thank you so much for taking your time away… to share the thrills w all of us who love David Cook! Hugs from New York City ~ Carole

  14. 22mshopelessromantic says:

    DC is amazing!!
    Thank u! :)

  15. Lia HR says:

    The great singer & the great entertainer…LuV U DAvid


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