How big is this unit..

Just a thought on the guys looking to buy a property especially if they are not in country,,, Most if not all the units build in the philippines are smaller then westerner build units…Just like driving time is relative to speed , unit size can be deceiving as a common perception most americans will assume when asked to guess the size of a house they will ask number of bedrooms and bathroom … 3 bedroom /2 bath home in most us cities would be generally 1,200 to 1.800 sq feet this same set up in  most asian countries where land is tight could and often is 3 bedroom /2 bath  45 to 65 sq meters or 500 to 700 sq FEET … So when buying or trying to compare apples to apples ask the Size and not just the number of bedrooms.. while many hotel rooms in the west are between 250 to 350 sq feet many in asia would call this a 1 or in some cases a 2 bedroom place, save yourself and the person selling the unit the time and disappointment  of doing your research before you come and ask for pictures of not only the unit but the surrounding area … I purchased a home in Arizona on the internet and the home is very nice and i am happy with its size and value but i did not take the time to check out the area and not 2 blocks from here are 2 large single wide mobil home parks and industrial areas… So now i know why the home seemed so much of a better value per sq foot then many others… location location

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