Capt. Bahinting Saved This Life





Cebu City Assistant Zookeeper Ronaldo “Ron-ron” Aventurado (with Citom Chairman Jack Jakosalem in top photo) owes his life to a group of people who came together when he was bitten by a cobra last week. Foremost among them is the late Capt. Jessup Bahinting who allowed one of his planes to be used for free to pick up four vials of anti-venom from Camiguin. Aventurado was already unconscious, as seen in the bottom photo taken by Chairman Jakosalem, and only had a few more hours to live before the cobra’s neurotoxins took over his entire system when the first dose arrived and was administered to him at 1 pm on Aug.15. The bottom photo also shows Aventurado’s swollen left hand where the cobra bit him. Today he accompanied Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama in a posthumous awarding of a “Lifesaver Award” to Captain Bahinting which was accepted by the captain’s widow, Margarita. Chairman Jakosalem, who was instrumental in finding the anti-venom in Camiguin, was also at the awarding. It was he who asked Gov. Gwen Garcia to ask Camiguin Gov. Jurdin Jesus Romualdo for four of their eight vials in stock.


Bottom photo by: Citom Chairman Jack Jakosalem


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