what makes my stay here so nice….

i GET grumpy often at some of the non stop bullshit a person has to put up with but then i reflect on just how lucky i am to have a loving wife great kids ,, cool dogs and i get to live in a mansion ,,, yes i know its been said my house is really just a large Philippines style house but i have to disagree… With its granite counters,, its stainless steel appliances even its glass top stove and wood laid floors.. then we have a huge master bedroom at least 45 sq meters and a Scarface special spa in the bedroom ,,, now i guess lots of the locals build houses just like this but then i have to wonder just how many have a 45 meter screening room and lets not forget a personal elevator… yes life is good my house is one of a kind that is for sure but the best part of the Philippines is my silly wife and that is why i keep coming back.. i guess i could build a house just like this one in the usa but i am sure it would cost at least 1.5 million and then my wife well there are many but this one is mine and she is priceless..  now if only i had enough room to build a davao swimming pool

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