Bit Torrent File Sharing 101.

So much is made about how to get torrents and what to actually do with them.  So I wrote a little about what you can do with these and how to use them.  Enjoy.




Bit Torrent File Sharing 101.


Bit torrent for the Newbie

Bit Torrents?  What is this and how do they work. Where can I get with Bit Torrents?  Can I use such a program?  This is going to be kept simple.  So that average user can start downloading torrents.  Also as warning to you torrents and  file sharing can cause damage to your computer. This can happen through viruses, spyware and malware.  Follow my blog on computer maintenance to ensure you are protected. 

I will say that torrents can give you great entertainment pleasure.  There is so much out there.  You willl find TV shows from days gone past or that artist you have been so long to hear again. There are movies and videos that would have seemed to be lost over time.  So it can be very useful when you want to find that long lost form of media.

To define Bit Torrents 

BitTorrent is a protocol that underpins the practice of peer-to-peer file sharingand is used for distributing large amounts of data over the Internet.

 Any large file  that runs or operate on your computer can be shared via Bit Torrent. 
People today are familiar with programs that allow you to share large files.   Napster was a program that allowed users to share music via a central hub and people downloaded the music to their computer. The federal government shut them down and Napster paid heavy fines for copyright violations.  Today there are  1000’s of locations today you can share and download.  Where a torrent is vastly different is you do not have just one computer or single user you are downloading from.  However you have thousands of other people sharing the exact same file.  That is where a torrent is different it will take pieces of the program from several people that have the file and share it with you.  Then as the pieces of the program are collected it is reassembled and into a whole program on your computer for your use. 

So you ready to give this a Go?


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