Mega Cebu making W.A.V.E.S! ~Roadmap for Sustainable Urban Development in Metro Cebu (Long version) – Cebu Video

Metro Cebu is the second largest metropolis of the Philippines with a population of 2.55 million in 2010, and is considered the economic center of the central region of the country.
Historically, the area has been a regional trading hub and recognized for its world-class marine resorts. In recent years, the region has been experiencing high levels of private business investments and industrial expansion.
However, due to rapid urbanization and population growth, various interrelated urban issues have emerged across the sectors of transport, drainage, water, and waste management. Therefore, a more comprehensive and sustainable development approach is required to address the diverse range of urban challenges accompanying the rapid growth of Metro Cebu. It is recognized that a new comprehensive and integrated metropolitan development plan for Metro Cebu should be prepared.
Given this background, JICA in collaboration with the City of Yokohama has supported Metro Cebu in 2013, through the Metro Cebu Development and Coordination Board (MCDCB), to come up with a long-term development vision called “Mega Cebu Vision 2050.”
Furthermore, JICA and MCDCB have conducted “Roadmap Study for Sustainable Urban Development in Metro Cebu (November 2011 – June 2015)” to formulate a roadmap and action plan to realize the Mega Cebu Vision 2050.
It is expected the MCDCB, the government, the concerned organizations and citizens will move forward for realizing Mega Cebu Vision 2050.


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