Catholic Church Corruption in Cebu

Who would have thought that corruption would run that deep in the Philippines?  It has run so deep into the veins of its people that even one church in Cebu has left us at our wits’ end.

Alliance of Two Hearts Parish Cebu

My best friend made several calls to churches in Cebu as she intends to marry her long time beau, who apparently is not Filipino.

She made calls to Redemptorist, Capitol Parish, Lourdes Parish, Sacred Heart Parish and Alliance of Two Hearts to ask for quotations as to how much it is to have their wedding held there.  After visiting these churches, only one church caught her and her fiancé absolutely outraged.

Alliance of Two Hearts' Office - Cebu

She was originally given the quote of Php 3,000.  When she and her fiancé went to the church to make a reservation, they were told it was Php 5,000. Poor bff thought that there was a mistake or miscommunication somehow so she tried explaining herself.  She told them that she was given a quote of Php 3,000 over the phone and my oh my, the person in charge (with the presence of a nun) said “well you didn’t say you were getting married to a foreigner!”  My best friend and fiancé were waiting for the nun (of course as she is supposedly of higher authority in the church) for any reaction.  Lo and behold, she played deaf.

My bestie then started asking if they are indeed Catholics and asked for higher authority.  All the guy could say was “Sorry, that’s just how it is.  Even Cathedral charges more for foreigners”.  I see this is not true as all the other Catholic churches did not have a different fee for foreigners.

Calling all archbishops, Monsignors and well, Cardinal Vidal:  Is this the impression you want to show people on how good the Catholic Church is?  I don’t think so.

If you attest, please speak to the parish priest of Alliance of Two Hearts.  Shame, shame, shame.Alliance of Two Hearts Cebu

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  1. oh my! 
    ano bah! so if they marry a foreigner mas mahal. discrimination ba yan!

  2. It makes no sense charging more for a foreigner…that's actually discriminatory and in a way, racist.

    1. you are right but that is the way of life here in the PI If you think getting married is expencive trying getting an annulment. I ended up paying close to 300,000 pesos mostly in bribes to secure my wifes annulment from her first husband that had abandoned her 15 years ago and had two other women with children and takes care of none of them .I took us a year and nine months but we got it done. Now I am saving up to adopt two of the younger kids and put the older ones through collage.

  3. This is how worse the Philippines is becoming, even the church is affected by the virus.

  4. If you are suprised at this artical you must not live in the Philippines. graft and bribery are so common it is expected. I have lived in the PI for about 5 years and have seen plenty And the government is a major part of it .Some time ago I was at a used clothing store and noticed a bail of used cloths marked with a religious logo that I am well familior with (Deseret ) this is cloths donated by people in the US to be GIVEN to the pore. I asked the shop owner where he got it. He said he bought it from a wholsaler I was able to tract down this wholsaler and he after a long talk and a few beers he admitted that he gets it from the Catholic charities then sales it and pays the Catholic charities foundation a persentage of the profit.

  5. The corruption starts at the top of the government and goes all the way down from there. The Catholic church is running the Philippine government ,so you have to expect corruption. It is the richest corporation in the world but sucks the blood money from the poor 3rd world counties. Of course if they can get money from a foreigner, they will do that too.


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