Cebu is free from poverty and corruption

After decades of poverty and corruption Gloria Arroyo came and simply solved it. The problem of corruption and poverty. There is no more corruption and no poverty at all left in the province of Cebu.

At least that’s what the archbishop of Cebu, Mr. Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, said on the Church-run Radio Veritas. He said that said Mrs. Arroyo was able to solve such issues in the province during her term.

Cebu-Archbishop-Ricardo-Cardinal-Vidal-Cebuinformer“Well, I wish her well, she served very well the country. I hope she will be able to serve again but I’m very thankful to her especially with what she has done in Cebu,” Vidal said.

Her critics slammed President Arroyo for her alleged involvement in controversial multi-billion-peso government deals. She has run and won a congressional seat in the second district of Pampanga during the May 10 automated elections.

Meanwhile, Vidal said he is willing to be a spiritual adviser to President-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. He, however, said he has yet to discuss the matter with Aquino, who would be sworn in as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines on the noon of June 30.

Vidal also said the Church hierarchy would not compromise its stand on the issue of the Reproductive Health Bill, which the bishops have been strongly opposed.

Corruption and poverty (those two might even be linked to each other, think about it) are not existing anymore in Cebu? Well, then what about the recent catholic church corruption incident in Cebu?

What about all the kids begging on the street corners? They are not really there? What about the squatters? They are not poor anymore? One would think this is a joke, but it comes from the archbishop of Cebu.

What do you think? Did Gloria Arroyo solve poverty and corruption in Cebu? Is this fine now? Or are there still some problems left to be solved before one can say that Cebu has no corruption and poverty?

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  1. Corruption,and lies start with the Catholic Church. Bleed the poor from their small money and control the people by guilt. It is a very sad state of affairs.

  2. If the Cardinal thinks there is no corruption or poverty in Cebu, then he is a damn fool and needs to open his eyes. His stupid comment was made probably because President Arroyo gave some of her stolen millions direct to him or the church

  3. The evilist of statements i have ever heard. He is so blind to reality riding around in his cheuffuered mercedes. He will see his judgement day very soon if there is really a god." the first is last and the last is first.?? I can only hope.


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