Sexpats and sex tourism in the Philippines – Cebu Video

Ken discusses Sexpats and sex tourism in the Philippines…

Follow the adventures of Ken and Vivian, a Fil-Am couple, as they journey through life. Learn about American and Filipino culture through the eyes of Ken & Vivian.

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  1. ha ha….cool…….no interest in that life……diseases……oh my gosh….! flesh buffet……!

  2. I think there are more YT video's on Angeles city, than there are on Palawan…..

  3. I'm going there with my wife in Nov – I try to talk her into for me to have a little fun.
    She said sure { She said Filipina woman know how to used a knife . So i got her point right away
    But its looks fun sing karaoke and drink with somebody you love !!!!!

  4. Sex in Philippines is easy to get, as long you use your charm as foreigner. But of course not generalised.

  5. Just looking for some


    Has anyone seen some..?

  6. Hi Ken,very glad that you are not like some other men, you met Vivian online, met in person and you both fell in love, that's what I like to see, men and woman finding true love. Whether from different countries, love is a wonderful thing. I am not judging anyone, we all have choices, the right and wrong, It's not just the Philippines it's all over the world. Life is to short….Enjoy!

  7. Fields Avenue and Perimeter Road also known as Walking Street

  8. Ken In all respects we should be fair and open minded "how about the 23 year old pinay who seeks out a old guy ya like you or 75 plus, do you really think she is looking for love, No we both know very well she is hoping he dies and she can take all his wealth for herself and her family and the price for that is the Services she will provide that Pogi man LmfAo!. Yes she sells her soul to the devil, there are many desperate girls broke with no education or future there and there only hope is to find / land some Old Lolo to be her and her families savior! ,not all are like Vivian Ken so lets be open minded and real.TC, God Bless Best Wishes

  9. It is sad that Fields Ave. defines what Angeles City is. Its only a stip of road compared to Angeles City itself that includes Clark Air Base which is being develop as an ultra modern city.

  10. Hi Ken and Vivian ,,, very good video ,,, and agreed about most woman.  If you mention Phili as a destination ,, may as well mention a few more.  How about New York ,, Las Vegas ,,, LA ,, Miami ,,,   Germany ,,, Netherlands.  And if you really want to go all out go to Cambodia where you can buy and own a girl or boy ,, Can be a sick world.

  11. ohh really ?? .. i don't like hocker ..

  12. Lots of Filipinas who want to go abroad are quite desperate and will give themselves very easily to the foreigner. The foreign men know and take advantage of that. Just browse through forums or even uploaded videos on YouTube. A very small percent of Filipinas find a good foreign man with noble intentions. But it looks like the awareness is growing and I have been told about articles or news in Philippine media that warn the women about the foreigner sex tourist or sexpat. Hope that awareness increases.

  13. Fields Avenue, not that I've been there, I just know from other people who have.

  14. I am glad you brought up the subject of foreign men who scam Filipinas. Of course, most of the narrative runs the opposite way. It works both ways. Karma. Who is scamming whom? Of course, it is always great when the nice, honest people find each other. But unfortunately this is rare. Anyway, the street you are looking for in Angeles is Fields Ave.

  15. My husband (American) joined the Asian Experience. I started writing a letter to him, in response of his profile in an ad at a news paper in Indonesia. Then we started writing to each other via snail mail.
    Then he started making long distance calls, wrote a letter to my Dad to ask for his permission to marry me. My Dad replied his letter and gave his permission.
    My sweetheart proposed to me, sent me money to buy a one way airplane ticket to the USA.
    He already prepared everything to obtain the marriage license etc.
    After 10 months writing to each other, I came to the USA.
    The next day he took me to the Court House and we got married.
    We have been married for almost 25 years now. We live in metro Atlanta.

  16. Ken ,There are alot of levels to this subject ,one of the most disturbing ive heard of are these " Sexpates" flying to PI and seeking out under aged girls , facilitated by pimps that more or less act as their guides .Along side the drug lords the new Pres. should be examining that human trafficing problem because it involves minors… Because of corruption many foreign manufacturers don't choose PI for their assembly plants..image if the corruption was to end , manufacturing brought in many of those girls could work in a respectable jobs, prostitution could be seriously reduced….

  17. I'm a new subscriber and really enjoy your videos.


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