Ayala Mall Cebu – Getting a Taxi & Taking a Ride in the Philippines ✅ – Cebu Video

Ayala Mall Cebu – Getting a Taxi & Taking a Ride in the Philippines….
My wife had to work on Valentines day so the day after we had planned to meet up at Ayala Mall and catch a movie. Of course I wanted to grab some video so hope you enjoy. There will be a part 2 uploaded soon 🙂

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  1. Duuuuuude right now !!!!! Another Awesome video!!! Dude I hope all is well in your part of the world . As always God bless and take care keep the videos coming!

  2. In January I got in a taxi and the meter was on 70. The guy actually argued with me and claimed it was supposed to be 70. Must have thought I was a newbie. He would not reset it. Got to the mall and he wanted the full amount, did not want to minus 30. I told him there is a cop standing right there if you want to do something, he just cussed a little and I got out. That was the only bad cab experience I had.

  3. Hey Chris, saw you at ayala right by the social.

  4. I would really like Ayala if it were not for the hookers who always approach me there, half of them being ladyboys. That never happens to me at SM.

  5. the building with all the graffiti vacant. is that where skullet lives

  6. hookers at Ayala Mall mikie550? staying at the Marriot in a couple weeks and you ruined my experience already!

  7. cool evening and a nice walk…damn mikie shows up

  8. next time we go on an adventure like that. let me know in advance so I can bring more money for snacks LOL

  9. Nice video Chris, I like the music in the cab ride hope YT doesn't mind.


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