Osmena Blvd in Cebu City, Philippines – Cebu Video

What started as a quick stroll down Osmena Blvd in Cebu City ended up being an afternoon trek through the City! Join me and let me show you the sites!

Osmena Blvd in Cebu City is home to many shops and business that host many goods and services to locals and tourists a like.

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  1. Hey bro about the jeepnys there is a vlogger in iloilo Tito Tim a few days ago he also done a video about the jeepny strike in iloilo, the protests in cebu maybe related to the issues there not sure but worth a look at that vid explains alot.

  2. mark out of ten only joking

  3. they're not trying to face them out. they want everything to eventually be Electric. so the drivers are protesting

  4. manila it gone up to 10 in manila

  5. I Think Manila, Cebu and other major cities are fazing out the Jeepneys for more public buses, more trains. The Philippines are trying to run it's own public transit in the cities. This will grow the tax and grow the intro-structure of Cebu
    Which is a good thing?

  6. LOL before you said Chris's name I thought Chris was about 4 minutes from there. would have been funny if you bumped into each other

  7. 3:28 yeah, just take the jeepney route 14D !!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. I know that area well that's a long hot walk

  9. I got my information from watching Ned this morning video. I have no idea you Chris live that close

  10. If you haven't gone to Larsian BBQ, you have to go….. Go at night… It is right there near Osmena circle…. I think in Sentai 7's vid about it, I saw free kimchee at one of the booths there….

  11. I noticed 00.40 secs Girl in red top checks out Jonnies Behind, mate she was cute also lolol just saying haha.

  12. Can you being 6'4" even fit in a jeepney? 😂

  13. The information i read online said that they are looking at pulling of the road jeepneys over 15 yrs old as the have a lot of safety issues. To be honest if you read a local paper you would of had this information.

  14. They are not trying to get rid of jeepneys. The proposal is to get rid of jeepneys (for commercial use) that are 15 years old or older. I don't agree with other parts of the proposal that says the jeepney owners need to have 7 million pesos in liquid assets and they have to own a certain numbers of jeepneys. That will push out a guy that is able to afford one newer jeepney.
    Yes, I have done the Crown Regency sky adventure twice. It' great. The skywalk and roller coaster are not that scary. The zip line will get your nerves going just before you start. After you go, it's cool.

  15. Johnny…Actually, phasing out the PUJ from the streets and replacing them with modern bus system doesn't make public transportation not affordable. The BRT system will be operated by the local government and the fare calculation will still be the same as the existing fare calculation used for PUJs. That being said, the general public has nothing to worry about when this inefficient PUJ transport is thrown out to the pit.

    The PUJ operator-initiated protest has been a major headache not only to the local government but to us, the commuting public. If you ask us, Cebu residents, majority of us would surely prefer the bus system not only because it would be comfortable but because these operators have long gotten on our nerves for years with the transport strikes that they made every time they have issues against the government policy regarding their business. They punish the public, being the collateral damage, who obviously has not done anything wrong to their plight but the government agency concerned. Imagine the hassle suffered by workers and students and even businesses when public transportation cease operation. We are mad and certainly these operators don't feel how the public feel.

  16. Hi Johnny, with your PSTD it is another layer of stress you have to deal with when there are large crowds.

    Its good to see you chilled out and chilling out 😉

  17. I don't want to see the jeepnes go. My wife ( at the time girl friend) used them to move, and I've used them to pull my car to the shop after a timing belt broke. Also the idea of affordable transport for the poor concerns me.

  18. Of course they're not phasing out jeepneys without an alternative.
    They're choking the roads with their stopping anywhere, anytime indefinitely. They need to go if the Philippines wants to progress.
    Other countries do just fine without that abomination.

    Another subject…

    Fun fact: Osmeña used to be called Jones Avenue. Most locals there still call it by that name.

  19. Should really check out the roller coaster thing on the top of the hotel, it's been on my list but as I read the rules they said no videotaping or picture taking so I didn't go. Don't know is this true.

  20. Mr warrior, please take the hobo under your wing. you can both help each other. Please reach out to pv the hobo.
    He's living in the quezon city slum on 100 a month take him in.

  21. I really like your walkabout vids.

  22. Is is worth it to own a scooter in Cebu?

  23. I was there in Cebu last year and I went to that attraction and it was awesome. I will definitely be back to the Philippines really soon.


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