DUTERTE: Cebu has Highest Drug Rate in The Philippines ✅ – Cebu Video

DUTERTE: Cebu has Highest Drug Rate in The Philippines
ABS – CBN News Article:https://news.abs-cbn.com/news/03/08/17/duterte-cebu-has-highest-drug-rate

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  1. The US War on Drugs was launched by President Nixon in 1971 – 46 years ago, and has been a tremendously expensive complete failure. Portugal has had the best success in dealing with drugs and addicts of any country on the planet.

  2. is it mostly meth? is weed OK?
    of course at the end of video you answer the question.
    weed is still illegal, on the federal level.

  3. To say Cebu in any negative context is worse than Manila is beyond laughable. I believe very little of Western news, and absolutely none of the news here. I've been living here for 10 years and I've only heard about drugs; never seen any. Talking to people here the only thing that's really changed is apparently the price of drugs has skyrocketed. So be prepared for crime to increase to compensate. I know break-ins here in Talisay City are on the rise, so the snowball is rolling.

  4. If espresso was illegal I'd get the death penalty.

  5. the drug use in cebu increased dramatically when you moved there, coincidence?

  6. 99 percent of my relatives in the Philippines thinks duterte is the best president that came into office. If drug control was a total failure from the past administration, then I'm with him coz he's really doing something to eradicate the problem in the Philippines. I thought Luzon has the highest drug users, but Cebu? Wow. Good advice chris and Thumbs-up my friend. 😊👍👍👍

  7. Duarte is wasting his time fighting wars on drugs. He need fix the poverty and get rid 6 month requirement for jobs.

    Drugs is way to support their family in the Philippines. Since no jobs.

    Duarte need to fight the rich and fix poverty.

  8. There are two ways to deal with drugs.

    1. Kill every one involved with drugs.

    2. Make drug use legal.

    Wether you agree with 1 or 2 or none of the above will depend on your point of view.

  9. There was a shabu head who lived with his dad a few houses down from me. He used to sit outside my house and just yell. He has caught stealing and breaking into peoples houses. The subdivsion guards are 100% useless and didn't do anything about him. I was so glad to move back to the states and not have to bother with these people.

  10. Treatment is the only option.. Give a already corrupt police force the green light to kill is a rescipie for genocide..Ask Thailand, they tried the same exact thing 10 years ago and they still have worse problems than the Philippines.Its very simple ,supply and demand…Treat the addicts and the demand will decrease. The Western nation's already tried and their war on drugs all failed, and finally most have learned their lesson and are heading in the right direction… Killing and jailing is not a solution to a public health crisis.

  11. Chris love the channel just subscribed but have been watching for months now. So your viewers understand however here is how Ive heard it goes. Some of the PNP are the drug lords not all just some. So, if you are a courier or seller or transporter of drugs and the PNP boss knows that you know him you will be killed. This is how some of the hits happen because these small time transporters and sellers know the head boss and will tell if caught so he has to have them killed to protect himself, the PNP boss. This is just my understanding and like I said not all PNP are bosses just a few but it doesn't take many to cause huge issues. This is why they don't just put them in jail you find them dead in the street because they can identify people so jail won't do they have to be silenced. Sad but true..


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