4 Crazy Days in Cebu, Philippines – Cebu Video

You won’t believe all the crazy stuff that happens to us in Cebu, Philippines!!

Traveling to the Philippines was unlike any other travel i have ever done and Cebu was a great place to visit. Even with the storm, flooding, and so on. it was a great place that i will surly visit again.I loved meeting everyone and making new friends, from new years to the Jollibee workers. help me to get back to the Philippines by subscribing and sharing this and other sparkinheart videos. thanks for all the love you showed me Cebu, i hope to see you again really soon.


Lesbian Horse – Philippines Hustle

Xelrin – travel bug

Augustisburning _ radcoon theme

Final DJ’s – All that matters

Code – face face

anas jeremias – follow the sun

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  1. Why does Todd have to be "Math Man"? Just cuz he's Asian?

  2. Hello there! Love the videos ! Always SparkinHeart! Pls share , Shawn s all videos my all friends @SparkinHeart! SMILE fan ,friend from JAPAN!

  3. Thanks SparkinHeart! Salamat po!,arigatou gozaimasu!

  4. Awesome mall in the Philippines! SparkinHeart !

  5. That is one cool hotel and shame about the rain but thats life

  6. That hotel looks really tacky! Sorry

  7. Five kilometers away to the south is another SM mall called SM Seaside City, the biggest mall in Cebu, the country's 3rd biggest and the world's 7th biggest. Too bad, you missed it. It is almost twice as big as the SM City Cebu (the mall shown in this video). SM City Cebu has a gross leasable area of 268,000 sqm while SM Seaside has more than 470,000 sqm.

  8. You really need to come back here in summer 😂

  9. That chill music during the Henry Hotel part seriously sounds like it's saying "HEEEEEEENRY HOOOOOTEEEL"

  10. Finally, a new video. Wow, Christmas season? Too busy to edit vids or too bust to updoad I guess.😅… That is a pricey hotel…I'm looking forward to more vids about your Philippine trip. Anyway, just wanna let you know that we went to see the elephant seals in San Simeon this past weekend cause I saw them on your San Francisco trip video. Unfortunately, all seals were sleeping…

  11. Great vlog Shawn!! I'd been waiting for this one. Looks like you made the most or the rain and still had fun 🙂

  12. Keep it up ..
    Comeback again .Lol

  13. Try visit Siargao Island in the Philippines too.. Such a nice place. 🙂

  14. Everybody wants to be in your video, people in philippines are so awesome haha. I always think when I'm vlogging how to avoid recording other people because I think they don't like it. Sucks with the storm – cant wait to see what happened on El nido!

  15. People who really pay attention on artworks will appreciate every detail it has. Its an amazing hotel and you're amazing as well.

  16. Hello SparkinHeart you made it in Cebu..I love your all Videos pls. Do try eating dinuguan,ballot,sisig, specially Papaitan…muaaahhh…

  17. So sorry u missed the other half of your stay in Cebu because of the storm. Hopefully when you get back it will be better and u get to experience more what Cebu has to offer. Till next time! 😊

  18. Fun times in Cebu! Todd's coming back. And we have some plans lined up. How about you? 😁

  19. Hope you had an awesome time here. Balik unya puhon.😂

  20. Hey man, I have to commend you on your video and editing skills! Right on man! That is some talent buddy.

  21. @ 11:53 think this is one of the drawbacks/disadvantages that the filipens has (*compared to other countries in the "asean")……….aside from the lack of infrastructure, the constant rain and typhoons (*think there's an avg. of 19 or 20 a yr.) deeply affects tourism over there

  22. you just made the birthday entourage's day!


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