Living In Cebu for a Year | Sarah’s Story – Cebu Video

The Questions
(0:27) What’s your favorite Filipino dish?
(0:34) Do you recommend others to study abroad?
(0:52) Weirdest experience?
(1:58) Did your experience reach your expectations?
(3:03) Culture shock or times you wanted to go back home?
(4:20) Your biggest fear living in the Philippines?
(6:10) What did you learn about yourself during your year in the Philippines?
(6:48) What did you study? Was it a school or a uni?
(7:00) Was there a language barrier?
(7:43) Any difficulties?
(8:00) What did you find the most surprising about the Philippines?
(8:24) Did you visit any of the islands?
(8:37) Did you like any of the filipino guys?
(8:54) Favorite meal?
(9:04) Dream career?

Hey fambam,

Sorry for being MIA for a while guys! A little update would be that the family is safe from the hurricane in Japan, so no worries guys! Hope you all enjoy this video of Sasa and ttyl guys! 😀


PS: if you guys read up to here. thank you

PPS: trying to figure out life.. it’s so confusing!! ahhhhh
anyone relate??? ^^;;

PPPS: You are a true groofy goober if you read up to here.

PPPPS: x3 thanks

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  1. Saging is still banana, lakatan yep banana

    It's like Saging is the general term and Lakatan is a kind of banana. We do have many kinds of banana and lakatan is just one of the many.

  2. Sarah should get rabbies shots, not kidding just be safe.

  3. saging is banana but y'all are so cute

  4. Love it… hi sarah good to see you back at the vlog…

  5. Yay!!! I’ve missed you guys sssoooooo much!! I love your channel it keeps me happy and grounded!

  6. Sarahhhh! <3 What an interesting trip!! Girl I would run from that dog too xD

  7. Catcalling was very common in the Philippines not just in Cebu.

  8. I'm a Filipino living here in Japan. I live in Tochigi. I hope to meet you and Sarah ?

  9. Heyy! Saging is banana and lakatan is a type of banana hehe

  10. i also want to be part of the Q&A but too bad i shut down my instagram T^T
    btw Steph , i really wanted to do the QOTD since a very long time hehe
    thia is my most fav QOTD ,
    "Aspire to Inspire before we Expire"
    in my understanding it means that we need to have aspiration in order to inspire someone before we get too old hahaha idk..
    so yeah this quote is meant for you because you inspires me a lot ~~~
    and tbh , whenever i feel too lazy to study , i watched ur video for motivation and believe it or not it works hahahaha
    so glad that i found ur youtube channel :')

    love you ~ saranghae ~ aishiteru ~ wo ai ni ~ mahal kita ~ te amo ~ hahahaha

  11. is it just me or is Steph getting prettier by time?

  12. Hahah.. saging is banana, mansanas is apple, and lakatan is a variety of banana ❤️ Konnichiwa Sarah & Steph! Studying Abroad changed my life too ?

  13. I love how in the middle of the video you just casually brought out wet tissues and started wiping yourselves x"D

  14. Finally an update!! Love U❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. You both look great. I think Sarah can tell us much more stories of the Philippines. Have a nice week ?

  16. Why no shoutout from the last video challenge haha? It's okay Steph 🙂

  17. "I think saging (banana) is apple" haha that's so cute

  18. I was attacked by a dog when I was little too. Lmao good looks Sarah
    Edit: Filipino time = 1 hour late

    Source: I’m Filipino

  19. Yay!!! Sarah interview!! Nice going ladies!!
    Steph you should become professional interviewer (Oprah of Asia) ?

  20. Thank you for that Sarah!!!!!!!! Lub up po !!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. You and Sarah look so much alike. I love the relationship you have with your siblings.

  22. I like the way you pronounce the “caldereta” …
    Saging means banana.. ?? and lakatan is a kind of banana sarah.. mahal kita sarah and steph.. im from Philippines….

  23. Filipino time reminds me of African time… I learned about that when I was volunteering in Capetown earlier this summer

  24. dang, Steph u look rly hot in this video

  25. I love your Long hair Steph ! …

  26. Gotta love "Filipino Time." Lol!

  27. Gihigugma tika in Cebuano/Bisaya

  28. long time no see ^,.,^.. wow almost 100k now


  30. Sagging is banana lakatan or langka is jackfruits mansanas is apple


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