Coworking With Colleagues – How To Make The Most From Sharing Ideas

We have been taught to share since childhood, so as adults, it would seem this would be a natural way to behave, even in the business environment. However, self-preservation also tells us to hold onto a great idea until the most opportune time presents itself. In standard business, this is one of the reasons that competition, and some of the behaviours that go along with it, can obstruct innovation because no one wants their terrific idea to be, for one, stolen from them, and for two, distorted so that it does not even reflect the original concept.

The coworking space, however, negates all of the negativity associated with this type of competition. In fact, the coworking concept is one that probably engenders the type of cooperation that fosters sharing ideas. In place of feeling left out while others take command of an idea you birthed, you get to actively participate in the development of the idea into a product or service while benefitting financially from it. In the Filipino business landscape, which is all about collaboration, your ideas and the people who contributed to providing a platform become a team effort in the coworking space.

Continue reading to learn more about how to make the most from sharing ideas when collaborating with workmates.

Creating A Comfortable Environment

The coworking space sets the tone for sharing ideas simply through designing workspace that places professionals in proximity to each other so they can get to know one another. Servcorp coworking spaces in Manila is an example of the way in which space managers have promoted social interaction within the space. With a space to work, space to network, and space to collaborate all in one place, your chances of meeting and interacting with the most dynamic professionals increases as you spend more time in the space. Furthermore, as you get to know people in the space, the office becomes more than an office it becomes a place to connect with others, build relationships, and more importantly share ideas.

Becoming Smarter

One of the direct benefits of coworking is that by sharing ideas with one another you end up becoming smarter and more agile at handling problems. More heads are always better than one in terms of business in that others come to the table with a wide range of skill sets and experiences. Just as you impart information to the group, you will benefit from the knowledge they impart to you as well. Sharing ideas gives you a chance to learn what works and what does not, in addition to updating you on current industry approaches and attitudes.

Learning How To Work More Efficiently

Teamwork also can help teach businesses how to work more efficiently. As with anything, there is more than one way to tackle an issue. In fact, learning how to approach issues from different vantage points can also be a strength when approaching projects down the line. This is one instance where being able to problem-solve can reduce the amount of time it takes to resolve an issue, and when dealing with innovation, there will be several iterations before a product is perfected. For this reason, having a team who can contribute to the logistics of creating a product or service is invaluable.

Currency Of Ideas

Ideas can be currency in the coworking space in that they inevitable translate into building your visibility in the environment and then building your business. More than building visibility, it provides you with the chance to develop the kind of trusting relationships that are valued in the Filipino business community. Having earned the trust of those you would like to work with, this can be the platform for branching out and creating new collaborative opportunities.

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