Biyahe ni Drew: Booming tourism of Moalboal, Cebu | Full Episode – Cebu Video

Aired (March 22, 2019): Why do tourists keep coming back to Moalboal, Cebu? Let’s visit this booming destination in this video.

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  1. perstym pa kwek kwek guys sa my gusto

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  3. nice one! ganda nang moalboal 😍

  4. The protected corals and marine species in moalboal cebu

  5. Such a beautiful place! We've been there just yesterday!

  6. tara magpa gutom tayo jrjrjr ewan pag biyahi ni drew talagang gugutomin at matatakam ka 😂😅😅🤣🤣😄 sadyang matakaw lang ba 😃😄😄

  7. Been to Alegria "Cambais Falls" "Cancalanog Falls" and finally to Moalboal Basdaku in just one day! Truly jaw dropping places to see. I love Cebu!

  8. Super ganda jan sa moalboal, ive been there, its a paradise ,😊😍 at ang sarap ng tubig 😊 mg babad sa dagat, ang buhangin pinong pino at puti. 😊😱😳😱😱

  9. Matagal tagal na din akong di nakakapanod ng BND ngayon na lang ulit and for me this is still the best travel show

  10. Ang ganda talaga jan sa moalboal

  11. Can i have ur life drew 😂💛

  12. The best food i tasted is on turtle bay dive resort.. Damn there foods so delicious amazing. Trust me i guarantee you guys try there.. Chef's are good.

  13. Hello to taladro family in moalboal..😊😊😊

  14. I hope they can put english subtitles so that people around the world could understand what they are saying about these beautiful places. This show is a very good way to promote Philippines


  16. Thanks BND nice place to visit❤️❤️❤️

  17. every yr kami pumupunta jan taga jan kasi asawa ng uncle ko… ilove moalboal. the best ung bass dako

  18. pinaka the best na shakoy na natikman ko ung shakoy ng lolo ko. wala ng tatalo don

  19. i don't know why people say Philippines have little vegan foods.. why don't they try looking for vegan dishes in the Northern Part of the Philippines…. because i still remember when i was a kid i know i have eaten vegetable dishes without any kind of meat. I'm from Pangasinan Province so i know i have eaten quite a few of only vegetables dishes.

  20. My hometown cebu ganda talaga

  21. Sana malagyan ng concrete stairs para maenjoy rin ang top ng islet.

  22. Hahay Moalboal. Daghanag emal nga afams dira. Lami kaayo sawal. Ang mga memories nko dinha sa Basdaku. Aaayyyeee!!!

  23. Sna hopefully and god's well mka tour kmi ng hubby q jan cebu..

  24. Such a beautiful Place , so Proud of my Home town Moalboal. I miss the place ❤👍

  25. Ibang klase tlaga,bsta byahe ni drew👍

  26. maraming falls sa cebu piro ang badian mas sikat….


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