ONLY in the PHILIPPINES: CHURCH in a MALL (travelling from Cebu to Legazpi City Philippines) – Cebu Video

28/4/19 – Moalboal-Donsol, Philippines – we bumped into our friends and shared a private van back to Cebu, where we saw a church service taking place in a mall and I got my beard trimmed as my trimmer broke. We then went to the airport to catch a flight to Legazpi, where we got another van to take us to Donsol.

Thank you so much for watching and please let me know what you thought of this vlog in the comments down below!

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  1. I'm so glad that both of you love travelling in the Philillines. More power to your travels around the world and Godbless!

    Maraming Salamat! Loz 🤭😊

  2. Finally my Loz's leisure fix has been delivered and taken cared of, great feeling as always, feels good watching you feel good around here, big love buddy☝️✌🏻🤟🙏🇵🇭❤😍

  3. Hello, Guys…i Love This Vlogs of yours..
    & You're in Our Place
    Where I Live…Take
    Care & God Bless!!

  4. i love the fact that u chose to do swim w/ the whalesharks in Donsol…

  5. @Loz…Actually, it’s not a church. It’s just the activity area of the mall where all sorts of activities are held, and yes, one of them is Catholic mass every Sunday. The only mall in Cebu that hosts a real house of worship, a chapel, is Ayala Center Cebu. The chapel is located on the rooftop garden area of Ayala mall and is really a separate area exclusive only to Catholic mass celebrations not only every Sunday but also on all other important Catholic Church events like Christmas novena masses. Next time you visit Ayala Cebu, try to go up the rooftop garden and explore all the nice restaurants and bars before heading to a quiet corner where chapel is located.

  6. That's where ZAC EFRON tho on Mayon Volcano , if im not mistaken.

  7. Filipinos are highly catholic religeous…it's for the workers/busy folks so that the church can come instead of going all the to the proper church. I know you're noob to the Phil. but for us it sign of a cross is is a RESPECT.

  8. Welcome to my province bikol

  9. Church service inside the mall. Happens every Sunday. Nice trim on the beard. Get a haircut next time. ❤️

  10. 50 pesos haircut challenge would be great!

  11. Clean- Cut , Good looking !
    Wow “ Mayon Volcano in Bicol Albay
    What A Beauty ! Perfect Cone
    Thanks for ur visit.., Enjoy !
    Watching Ur Video here in England UK
    Cheers… take care lovely. 😘👍

  12. UBe flavored Dunkin Donuts? Hmmmm, Only in the Philippines

  13. Local malls in the Philippines are one stop shop. We have Chapels, Clinics, Pet grooming and Art galleries, crazy it may sound but we love our malls. BTW, nice shave.

  14. Hey you! Yes you! You are hypocrite. You eat Cow, Pig…and you used the term Beef and Pork to make it sound civil, hahaha and yet you make a big deal about Whale Shark being feed; Animals are Animals, PWEEH!

  15. The last time I've been to Legaspi City was roughly 30 years ago. I've been to that region many times because of my work, but never heard of the whale shark attraction. Too bad, opportunity loss …hopefully someday. Enjoy your adventure!

  16. Hi Loz! We love how you just make friends everywhere you go, that’s awesome! Our local mall actually has a church inside, but they rent and meet in one of the larger stores. I’ve never seen one meeting in the center of the mall like that, wow! We have Dunkin Donuts here, but we’ve never been fans of it. Can’t believe the purple yam is better than chocolate!! 😲 The next part sounds like quite an adventure… volcanoes and sharks, oh my!

  17. Greetings Mate! Wow! "gwapo!" ehehehe! 😉 it means Handsome! That beard trim looks great on you! You should have had a haircut with them as well, i am pretty sure the guy working on you will do a superb job. Bruno's i think is a chain of barbershops that has branches on malls and specializes on beards and the like.

    I like Dunkin better than Mister Donut by the way! hehehe! Ube (U-be) seems to interest you and Hannah so much eh? hehehe! The feeling is mutual! hehehe! well it is really good i have to say, and very abundant in the Philippines.

    You'd be surprised that some malls even have a small chapel inside it. Some say it is a marketing strategy for malls especially for Sunday mass….Family goes to the mall->pays (expensive)parking fee->attends church->eats at the malls restaurants->shops->spends entire day there for free air conditioning! hehehe! perfect formula! ahahaha! 😛

    Cant wait to watch the next vlog…i hope you have a great time on your new location.

    Magandang Umaga = Good Morning

    Magandang Hapon = Good Afternoon (twelve noon to six pm)

    Magandang Gabi = Good Evening

    Safe travels my friend! Cheers!

  18. That’s why even the sitting presidents are afraid of the barbers. So if you hate someone talk to his barber and stage an accident . . . Hahaha just kidding

  19. Your teeth is brighter than my future 😁

  20. What's up beautiful people… Try to visit Bulusan Lake, there's a lot of hot springs around the area. If you plan to return to Cebu you can ride ferry from Sorsogon or Albay to Masbate then another ferry from Masbate to Cebu. There's also a famous white sand bar in Masbate Island. Always take care guys and enjoy.. =)


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